Our next-door-neighbour, Dr Jill – an actual doctor not a ‘champagne will fix it’ doctor – told me our recent COVID booster shots won’t have best effect for a week or two.

I was surprised, but taking this medical advice on board we’ve resumed gin instead of gym at this stage.

Calling it a ‘booster’ seems a bit far-fetched. To idiots like me, booster implies a thrusting take off not some lay-by arrangement where I have to wait weeks for the thrust to happen.

‘What do we want?’

‘Freedom booster!’

‘When do we want it?’

‘Sometime after the end of January?’

I’m not joining that lame street march, so we stay home instead.

I’ve been busy. I’ve rebuilt Stonehenge in the back garden (much improved) and I’m on the lookout for some Druid robes that will fit me. We’re hurtling into the future.

Calling all Druids.

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