I did my first ever RAT today.

In spite of some obvious risks over the past week or so Robinson and I remain COVID free.

On Monday and Tuesday last week we still had our deckhands endlessly decking about. It’s still not finished. They arrived one morning to instal the safety wire and stain the deck, but without the safety wire or deck stain. Off to Bunnings they went for hours while a rare sunny day was wasted. Oh well.

Today the boss told me they all have COVID. They’ll come back next week some time to instal the wires.

I know I’m Superman but is that a headache I’ve got, is that a cough? ‘Am I sickening,’ I asked myself.

‘Yes,’ Robinson replies from another room, trying to be helpful.

On Wednesday we went off to the LazyBones Lounge in Marrickville for some soothing grooving live music. It was humid and brilliant and crowded and none of us wore masks. It felt like a nude bar. It felt like a cruise ship, except the music was better and the people were younger and better looking. And we were in Marrickville.

After too many craft beers I woke the next morning. Is that a headache I’ve got, do I not bleed? Did I really spend that much on culture? I hope so. Though most of t was beer.

We hosted a famous five lunch here at home on Saturday. Wine by the hour. The deck still dangerous around the edges.

Today I started wondering. What if we’ve given everyone COVID? We don’t know when we’re sick. It doesn’t happen to us. But what if that green bile I’ve been vomiting every morning for a week is a sign that something’s wrong?

So that’s why I took a RAT. To be sure.

I’m OK. You’re OK. Hooray!

We went out shopping to celebrate. Now Robinson is air drying a bargain box of tomatoes. The whole house smells like a vegetable patch in Summer. The living is easy.

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