This morning at what I like to call ‘the shops’ a previous serve-yourself shopper left their receipt and it attached to ours.

I felt like a voyeur but over coffee I read their receipt. I can’t believe some of the things that person bought. It’s funny the alternative lives that people carry around in their heads and put into their kitchen cupboards. On the positive side, they saved $11.24 on all that shit.

We were having breakfast down In Gundagai last week and a couple of old blokes sat at the table next to ours. They were talking about flying Spitfires in WWII. Another alternative world, right there. A world far away from the glorious morning sun in an Australian country town.

Just as I was feeling respect for them they got onto politics. They thought Morrison was terrific. They thought he’d handled Leigh Sales very well on 7.30 the night before.

We were in Nationals territory, a drawback of country life.

We finished our bacon and egg rolls (Robinson with no eggs and mine with two) and left them chatting. By then they’d gone back to war and reminisced how the girls of Gundagai couldn’t resist a man in a uniform.

Get me out of here.

Their lives were different now, and merely a week later our lives are different too. The election is finally over. I’m light as a wet feather in the endless Sydney rain.

Things have started well. The quiet symbolism of Labor including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags at their first media conference was kind and huge and moving. I cried like a baby. I think it’s relief. I wasn’t aware of how tightly sprung I’d become over these previous long years. How exhausted and sad.

The Labor Party can finally stop jumping at shadows and be their best.

Albanese is genuine in a way that Morrison never was. OhNo didn’t have an authentic bone in his body. You could tell by the odd shape of him.

The Greens (I hope) and Independents will exert goodwill and spine for shared and real change.

Mr Potato Head and Mr Beetroot will make a miserable and entertaining couple now that they can’t rort week in and week out, relentlessly, and call it government.

Murdoch and his shrill shills will still aim to ruin things, but it’s been a delight to note how most of us ignored them. I’ve never watched it but SAD (Sky After Dark) will be sadder and madder still. Most of their audience of angry old white men will be in a (much improved) nursing home come the next election, rusted spitfires.

I don’t talk much about politics in this blog, though my perspective is possibly clear. This election outcome is so good on so many levels it just had to rate a mention. Well done Australia.

One thought on “AN ODE TO JOY

  1. YES. I can finally dare to believe that our government’s conversations and decisions will be constructive and worth listening to. I can start watching the news again. Let this be real.


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