Summer’s in my meadow, like an Irish lament.

The green grass is knee-high but the flowers are fading fast as we rattle towards another Christmas and a new year.

Why does the world always spin one way? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rewind now and then. Or even just pause.

But we rally bravely against all that. This week we had a street Christmas party and met new and old neighbours, kids and cats, umbrellas and quiche, the trestle table tapestry that binds us like skin.

You can happily live anywhere once you learn to say hello.

All our neighbours on the cliff have now gone away for the restive, festive season. We’re putting their bins out, watering their gardens if it stops raining. They’ll do the same for us over Christmas when we’re away.

For now, were alone up here. I suggested to Robinson over lunch out on the deck that we take advantage of this and make love in our meadow. Buttock prints in the buffalo grass. The sun on us.

Insect bites, grass rash, reindeer poo, lizards, but who cares?

Robinson, apparently. Luckily.

Ten minutes later next-door’s adult son was whistling while he stained their new deck. Oops! Where did he come from?

It reminds of that time when…oh, forget it. I’ll keep that story to ourselves.

The meadow has been a success anyway. I’ll add a photo. We’ve had a year in the wilderness without leaving home. Good timing, given we weren’t allowed to leave home for most of it.

My big plans to transform the deck into a viewing platform over the nudist colony has come to nought because I can’t find timber or tradies. I might have to buy some tools and fell some trees and do it myself.

I’m already visualising a garden redesign. The meadow will go, once the grass dies off under summer’s sun, but the seeds are there for it to come back under its own steam when the seasons tempt.

And I’ll move that stone from over there to over here. Plant some violets. That sort of thing. It’s a bit Sisyphean, I know, but that’s how we all live our lives in the end. And it’s fun.

Thanks for reading and sharing feedback on AblokeAbroad this year. I really appreciate it. As you know I went all fancypants and also created a WordPress site with big ambitions for a life beyond blog but as you probably also know I can be lazybones and fancypants at the same time.

Maybe in the new year! Until then good health and much happiness to everyone! If you want to sing out sing out.